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St. Ursurla's

Personal & Professional Development

St. Ursurla's offers wellness services to women, girls, and female business owners within the community. 


Most women in our community lack access to a social network outside of social media. Therefore, some women fail to gain the support necessary to aid them through things such as domestic violence, sexual assault, brand building, and parenting.


That's the gap we fill here.

If you are fortunate to have opportunity

Developmental AsSisters

In a relaxing and supportive environment, meet with women invested in positive personal & professional advancement for other women. 

Come on in... We healing in here.

Through therapeutic group sessions as fun as brunch with the Ladies, girl talk over tea with the Lil Sistas, or in one on one appointments with certified life coaches and other instructors, we can support, encourage and uplift you through your storm.

We are sisters who are assisting the development of other sisters, making us Developmental AsSisters, devoted to the positive development of women within our community.


We are the dope Queens, Empresses, Shaymenesses, Healers, Seers, and Goddesses, and Sisters of St. Ursurla's


Introduce Yourself

Get to know this amazing tribe of ladies who also go hard for their kids, families, and communities.

Tell us about yourself on your profile and in the forum. From there you may interact and share with other members. Get a battle buddy. Exchange numbers, ideas, contacts, tips, and advice. 


Feel free to invite a sister whom you feel would contribute to and/or benefit from the group's effort to grow together. Connect with a woman who shares similar interests and goals to form a collaboration so dope that it changes the entire trajectory of your lives!

Do you, sis. Just remember, there are no limitations but the ones you place on yourselves. The sky is NOT the limit. Still, we can aim for it.


Challenge Yourself

I'm in awe! This cast of beautiful women

Join the discussion

Here you can converse, connect, and share upcoming projects with other members.

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