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The Camera LaDee

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LaDee Ursurla, The Camera LaDee #ShotByLaDe

LaDee Ursurla

The Camera LaDee #ShotByLaDee

LaDee, pronounced Laydee [like Lady], is a creole soul bred in New Orleans, LA. Currently residing in Atlanta, Ursurla is making her mark as a Spoken Word artist, Creative Director, Photographer, Producer, Youth Advocate, and developmental consultant. 

You want a photo shoot, but not just any photo.

You'd like one which captures the essence of your brand, product, or mission;

Photos that speak to your audience, as if compelling them to listen.

You want your image to captivate followers as they scroll;

Photographs to present the point of what pours from your soul.

You need a photographer capable of focusing on the beauty of your family, allowing joy to overflow from the pages of your new photo gallery. 

I get it.

You need more than just a picture after saying cheese...

this simply means

You Need A Dope Photographer

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