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Just a vibe

I heard someone say, I just don't want to lay for eternal rest without getting this music off my chest. Ain’t it like that? I’ve got to get it out of me; it's screaming for release!

Music has a way of bursting out of you. When you are artfully inclined, it tends to fill you; begging for release. You find yourself singing everything people say as if you're stuck in a musical scene. Some time ago I also heard that southern slaves used to converse and share messages via song. What a sight! Or a sound, rather.

Wonder how many of those messages were stifled due to anxiety? I wonder how many times our artful expressions are muffled as a result of fear, low self-confidence, stress, or worries? How many verses were not even rehearsed because our energy was drained by some mundane, petty things? How often are we remaining silent in situations similar to captivity which ultimately zaps our heart song? You know, like on Happy Feet.

It's no coincidence that we all vibe to a “heart” beat. That our talents in and production of music and sound has the power to heal, unite, desegregate, ignite, calm, amp up, motivate, even inform. This music we make can take multiple forms... fit any genre… come from the clear sky. Yet still holds the ability to move mankind in ways more powerful than religious sermons.

Read somewhere else that God has a music department… just had to fire the dude in charge of it. Speaking of beliefs, I believe, in a sense, you activate your “heart” through the sound of music. That's probably why they call the deep blue notes, soul. It has to be why they sing first in church. I’m sure it leaves you more open and receptive to their message of hope in destinations beyond the hearse.

It’s no wonder why Shakespeare wrote to his heartbeat. It’s one of the hardest beats ever produced. Simply incites the writing of poetry for me, and may possibly muse the creation of something amazing within you.

How often do we tune in?

That may be my official definition of meditation: Tuning in to the harmony of you, in efforts to raise your frequency and proportional distribution of power. Getting our thoughts and feelings in check through the practice of mindfulness. Why?

Well, which feeling has the highest frequency? What else do you do hear over that heartbeat? That noise pounding, resounding the entire nature of the universe inside of you, compounding the gratitude given to those who grounded themselves in the past to raise and now guide you?

Its love. Love literally leads you through life.

If God has and is music, and god is dope and Art is music then, therefore, Art is dope. And art is God, rightfully sacrificed right back as by ancient cultures. If God is love, then art is love, and music is therefore life. Right? Art, which is at the very heart of us, connects us to all things. And our life meter awaits instruction, production, a scale to rehearse, at least. Release it. Let nothing hold you back. And whether you pound sticks and stones, ride a rift then write a poem, or strum up a song- just let it flow. Let it excite and uplift you.

Don’t wait and regret it. Don’t Face ‘The End’ without haven even written a theme song. Please don’t let hate pollute that which comes to constitute a bit of peace in the very core of you. Do what comes naturally. Create art. Make music. Make something! Be sure to set your intention for it to make a difference.

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