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It's Time to Police our Selves

Updated: May 30, 2020

I'm sure you hear the stories. If the New York Post does not report it, someone on your FB News Feed does. Headline: "Another black man slain by the police."

This sparks a flame in me. Not just because I too am classified as Black, but because it's a shame that officers "trained" to serve and protect are unable and ill-equipped to handle most simplistic situations concerning Afro-Americans.

It has me feeling like I too CANT BREATH. Not in the state our states are currently in. Not like this. If it isn't PTSD induced anxiety, it's fear gripping at most of our windpipes causing palpitations when stopped by cops for any given violation.

Apparently, 46 y/o George Floyd was handcuffed and subdued while unarmed, yet still killed by Minnesota law enforcement agents. Bystanders pleaded for officers to provide just treatment to Floyd. His own landlord and boss reported to the Post that Floyd was not a threat that justified such harsh treatment by police.

This death of an unarmed citizen without judge, jury nor electric chair, injection, or public lynching, sparked a violent protest the following day.

Instead of listening to the concerns of citizens who came together in the middle of a global pandemic, they hit them with tear gas. Instead of insuring protesters that officers are now taking more courses on the basics of compassion, understanding, and handling of the mentally ill, combative, afraid, and yes, Black folks, they popped pellets at their asses.

Where are the dogs and water hoses? Where are the community leaders? Where are the panthers? Where in the hell are the pastors?

Only after using the power of social media were those officers fired. Meaning, if someone had not witnessed, documented, and shared it, what would have happened? Would this incident had even made the news? Would George had been made a Martyr?

I'm sure that blacks are killed by more blacks than blue-whites, but civilian blacks are not trained, armed, and dispatched to maintain peace. Most of us try our hardest to maintain composure while handling potentially violent situations. So what do we do? How do we handle you?


Obviously, going to "them" is a waste of time. Burning flags may grant momentary relief, except, and its sad to say, we'll see this again. They've made it clear that they will not ever figure an end to this brutality out for us.

Therefore, it's up to us to police our damn selves!

How does that look? Similar to simply getting up! That's the first step. STAND UP!

We get up to protest. We get up to march. We got up and burned Atlanta! Some got up and went to committee hearings where they semi-listened to heartbreak and anger, yet their officers were acquitted - given pats on the back, most not even getting adequate counseling after killing us.

We have to take a stand for ourselves!

Forget the signs they aren't reading them. Instead, Let's teach blacks how to respond in these situations. How to meditate and control their minds and maybe they'll remain calm and cooperative during encounters with law enforcement.

Let's teach interpersonal communication to reduce domestic calls. Teach job and trade skills on our own time, without leaving it up to charity-based organizations so that they don't have to get up to rob someone else, very likely of color. I don't mean give them a fish. Teach these kids how to fish so that they can feed their families without resorting to crime. Then teach them how to actually run their companies after we help them start them up.

We can teach self-defense, comprehension, listening, and other life skills so that we may then train our own groups of agents who are patrolling in our own neighborhoods: saying with our actions "Fuck the police"!

Otherwise, this cycle of brutal treatment continues.

I get it, you are angry. Why wouldn't one be pissed after watching another black man beseech a white officer for air once again? Destroying businesses wont change this. Running on the interstate wont change this. If you're ready for lawlessness then lets leave their law which was NOT written with our rights in mind in the first place!

It's time for the creativity placed into making signs be spent making plans. The energy given to marches and protests must now be used to implement said plans and execute our own systems of governing our actions & reactions as a people. I am no longer asking why are WE persecuted as a people. I'm asking, why are we as a people refusing to mobilize and go hard for US?

In a time where "black power" has been replaced by "black lives matter", and mental slavery still well in effect, it's time black lives understand their individual & collective power.

It's time to wake up, stand up, and police ourselves.

LaDee X

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