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I Must Write

by LaDee Ursurla on Sunday, December 19, 2010

From 'The Gods Converse In Verse Volume 1: I Speak Poem!'

I Must Write 

I must get it out! 

It's eating at me...

causing corrosion on my fingertips

I rose and it attacked my lips...

obtruding upon my dreams

I must get it out!

It's driving me mad!

If not, my words are obsolete and scantily clad

I must write!

Give me a pen and a pad

that I might scribble the eXistence of

these words, the shapes that they take up

the circles of stanzas

surrounding my eyes

I try-angle an eXcape

but I'm scripting the skies


My penned pad's in need of beats

that silently speak in the voice of a scream

to stream out of my lungs in search of regime

Futile efforts to unplug the lust of a theme

Try my hardest, but I hug Poetry Supreme

So I must, oh I must get it out of me!

I must compose, drop a line, spell, and write

I must GET IT OUT or face this contrite

memorize it in spite, grab a Mic and recite

as if it were my dammed undivided right.

I must write!

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