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After Seeing Yet Another Video on Facebook

Poem by LaDee X

June 2018

Black men are being killed as if hunted

Agents with a license to carry    

Are killing blacks at will... by the hundreds

It’s not an isolated incident, it’s an epidemic.

As potent as the crack sold on corners

As real as the red blood which stains those same corners

Drained from the vein of another black man left laying there

Shot down by someone with a badge

Shot down by someone who swore to protect they ass

Shot down as if his life were as insignificant as

the bug stepped upon in pursuit of

the freedom we hold to lean on our cars at the corner store,

post on a block whether we sell dope or not.

Wear a freakin’ hoodie whether it’s cold or hot,

plus 2 chains accompanied by an ankh and a strange mug

that must make us seem unapproachable

without a gun.

Stop giving these people who lack enough life experience to properly gauge a character or situation a gun!

Who will protect black men from them, huh?

Black men are being killed as if King Harrod ordered a mass exodus.

Black men are being killed as if these hoes still wear their white hoods to come for us.

White cops are stereotyping all browns for equal shares of "niggadom"

This is dumb.

We have a president and governing structure in place to protect us from threats, foreign or domestic ones-

So, why are we still here today discussing police brutality against our American, not African, and therefore deportable, sons?

How do you turn a pussy into a man? Give it a badge.

LaDee X


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